About our company

QAZWAY company organizes active individual and group trips, jeep expeditions, hikes, along the Kazakhstan expanses of the Great Silk Road.

Volkov Sergey - founder, ideologist, and director of the company "QAZWAY".

He has been more than 20 years in road trip, and more than 35 years in ecotourism. Over the years he has carried out numerous personal, family, group tours and car trips across Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Mongolia, and is the author of numerous article and stories about travel.

The Great Silk Road - with one thought of it, caravans of camels loaded with silks, jewels, and oriental spices begin to float in front of your eyes; detachments of cavalry, drivers and dervishes; the thousands of herds of horses and sheep controlled by the herdsmen, moving in the dust clouds in the living sea to the bargaining centers. The caravan-sarai emerge and dissolve in a string of exciting pictures, and the rich prosperous cities of antiquity - Otrar and Taraz, Sauran and Iasi (now Turkestan), Ispidzhab (now Sairam) and Suyab, Kulan and Balasagun, and many others cities.

It is here, on the vast Silk Road, you can see ancient fortifications, visit the bustling eastern bazaars, admire the incredible beauty of the mosaic of the unique pearl of Muslim architecture - the mausoleum of Khoja Ahmet Yassawi. Immersed in the atmosphere of the caravan-sarai, you will taste real aromatic oriental pilaf, and other local cuisine! And the immense horizons of the Great Silk Road will reveal it’s beauty of the mountains, abundantly covered with emerald meadows, and the noisy bubbling spring waters of rivers and streams, the freshness that  you will enjoy. The Great Silk Road invites you to it’s own spaces, as the most welcomed guests, and reveals to you it’s friendly embrace.