Trip to Sairam-Ugamu


Just thinking about the Great Silk Road it makes everyone to imagine caravans consisting of camels loaded with silks, treasure, and eastern spices, horsemen and messengers, drivers and dervishes, as well as the thousands of horses and sheep moved by the herdsmen to sales area with clouds of dust. The immense horizons of the Great Silk Road will reveal to you the beauty of the local mountains abundantly covered with emerald meadows and rustling rivers and streams that rustle in crystal clear spring waters, freshness of which you will enjoy in hikes. The Great Silk Road will be glad to welcome you as highly appreciated guests on its open spaces, and reward everyone with its friendly embrace. Adventures begun!

shymkent – burgulyuk

QAZWAY representative will meet guests in Shymkent. We load all the baggage, conveniently get in comfortable minibuses, and go to eat at one of the local cafes to taste the dishes of national cuisine. After the meal, we will proceed through Lenger (remember the question about a city in the Soviet Union with one traffic light from that was asked at the "Field of Miracles"?) directly to the Burgulyuk Gorge. From now on, the day promises to be wet. We will walk about 5 km along the "wet canyon" and through "oubliette", where we will certainly get wet, partially or completely. Everything depends on the weather and the amount of water in the gorge. The climate here can change several times a day! Before we leave the gorge, we will set up camp, put up tents and start a fire, cook dinner and make tea from the herbs collected here on a fire, we will dry and communicate. We'll spend the night in tents under the light of bright southern stars!

burgulyuk – usingen lake

On this day we are expected to walk about 20 km to the Susingen Lake. On the way to the lake, we will pass several ridges, passes and valleys - at altitudes over 2000 m. We will have to try very hard, and we believe in you! And if yesterday there was a lot of water, then today it will not be up to the lake, so we will carry all the water supplies with us. The Sussingen Lake is located at an altitude of 1908 m. From the Kazakh "Сусіңген" is translated as "diminishing water", and that is the reason - the lake completely disappears every year in July-August, and in its place a vast green meadow is formed, along which run three small rivers, which is full of very tasty fish - scaleless osman, and hundreds of horses are grazing in the valley of the lake. Towards evening we will access to the lake, set up camp, put up tents again and we start a fire, fish, and prepare a delicious dinner, communicate in friendly atmosphere by the campfire, and share our impressions. We will spend the night under the light of the bright stars of the huge Milky Way!

susingen – susingen

Today we spend the whole day in the heart of nature in the valley of the Susingen Lake. We will walk along the lake, fish, swim, climb for a photo shoot on the ridges, enjoy the surrounding beauty, relax from the city bustle and telephone communication (it is not here since yesterday, as soon as we get beyond the pass!). Meals all day camp - by the fire, fish soup made of the freshly caught fish are welcomed! Overnight in tents, under the magnificent southern sky! They are incredibly many here, they are very close and incredibly beautiful, and their mysterious and warm flickering pacifies, and calls for sleep!

susinge – kaskasu mountain area – sairamsu

We will get up early, pick up the camp, have breakfast, and start moving towards the Kaskasu Gorge. For the day we have to go more than 20 km along the picturesque mountain ranges, passes and gorges. When descending from the Kyrjolsai Pass 2615 m high, we will walk along the bed of a mountain stream - very noisy, fast, strong, winding to wade it several times, and we will get wet again a little.


And in the evening we will safely reach the place of rest, we will stay in a cozy hotel, swim in the pool, steam in the bathhouse, chat with animals and birds (deer, pheasant, peacock, falcon)! For a wonderful dinner our all our friendly team will perfectly celebrate our fascinating adventure!

We will get up early, pick up the camp, have breakfast, and start moving towards the Kaskasu Gorge. For the day we have to go more than 20 km along the picturesque mountain ranges, passes and gorges. When descending from the Kyrjolsai Pass 2615 m high, from which picturesque views to the highest point - Sairamsky Peak, 4238 m, are opened. Upon arrival, we will unload, take all the baggage, and on foot, within half an hour, move to the site of our tourist camp. Here we will put tents, rest, walk around the neighborhood, and prepare for dinner. After dinner, you need to put your alarms at 06:30 am in the morning, lie down early and have a good rest, because tomorrow we are waiting for a new HIKING!

sairamsu – tomengi – zhogargy – sairamsu

Early in the morning, we will throw ourselves into good spirits, have breakfast, take our backpacks full of sandwiches for a picnicky dinner, water, warm clothes and a raincoat, and at 08:00 am we have therefore started the journey! From now on, the day promises to be dynamic. We will walk along the broad Kergela gorge, densely noisy due to the current of the mountain river, with the about 8 km one way and rise to the Tomengi Lower Lake! In total for a day we have to overcome about 20 km so warm clothes and a raincoat with gloves in your backpack will be very handy!


On the bank of the Tomengi Lake we will make a halt, get a fire, make tea and have lunch, rest, talk, and make a photo for memory! After the rest we will have a difficult and exciting trekking to the pearl of these places - the Upper Lake - Zhogargy, which waters delight of the inquisitive tourist with its rich celestial blue! From the shores of the Zhogargy Lake, picturesque views of Friendship Peak and the Koptau Pass are opened. These places contain many legends, secrets, and mountaineering and tourist stories, including which have a dramatic end. Admiring the mountain and lake landscapes, we will go on the way back - to the tent camp, where we will rest, we rest, have supper, those who wish can take a bath in the Saksky bathhouse!

sairamsu – solnechny

Our adventure continues! And this morning, immediately after breakfast, we will continue our hikes, and we will go to the Solnechny Pass, from which you can see the Peaks of Sairam, Igla, the 20th anniversary of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, the Dinosaur Ridge and the Sazan-Ata Gorge. At the top of the pass we make a halt, have a snack, and make a plenty of pictures! Then we go down the mountain paths from the Sunny Pass to the Sairamskoe Gorge, and roundabout the foot of the pass we will return to the camp where we will rest and will be filled with strength for the next day's hiking.

sairamsu – SMORIdINovoE (Medvezhie) GORGE - kASkASu

This morning, immediately after breakfast, we will go to the Smorodinovoe (Medvezhie) Gorge. We will make another trekking along the mountain paths of the gorge covered with emerald grasses 10-12 km in both directions, and we will admire the picturesque mountain landscapes. Upon returning, we will gather tents and hiking outfit, lunch, and prepare for the departure. We are waiting for a transfer to the hotel and rest in cozy rooms, swimming in a warm pool and a hot bath! And in the evening, at dinner, our friendly team will warmly and joyfully celebrate your adventure trip!

kaskasu – shymkent

Today ends your journey through the expanses of the sunny and hospitable south of Kazakhstan - a country where you will always be welcome! You say goodbye to the vast expanses of the Great Silk Road, go to Shymkent airport, and return home! As they say in Kazakhstan – Қош келдіңіз! What is translated from Kazakh as Welcome! And we tell you – to our next meetings, friends!


*Planning another route of returning home from Shymkent - inform us in advance please!

What’s included
  • Transport along the route (buses, minibuses, cars)
  • Entry fee to the territory of the National Park
  • Accommodation along the whole route
  • Catering throughout the route
  • All transfers
  • Guide services in the hike
Additional costs
  • Accommodation not indicated in the program
  • Meals not indicated in the program
  • Visa support and registration on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, if required.
  • Life insurance
  • Personal expenses and other expenses not indicated in the program
  • Everything that is not indicated in the "What's included" section
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Price: 245 000 KZT


Duration: 8 days

Group size: 4 ‐ 20

Upcoming date : 19.06.2019

Type : Travel

Difficulty : Suitable for the beginners

Minimum age, years : 18

Level of comfort : Tent

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